Prepping for another trip

The Crew is meeting up at VML over the long Labor Day weekend.  We'll be doing a little maintenance work, a little outdoor adventure, and hopefully quite a bit of relaxing.  The plan is to spend a day on the river with Amos and do a 7 mile day hike on the Laurel River Trail.  I haven't hiked this trail yet, but I'm eager to do so.  If it turns out to be as good as expected I'll be adding it to the VML Visitor's Guide.

Oh yeah, we're going to cook every meal for the trip outside, either on the grill or over the fire pit.  Eggs and bacon in a cast iron skillet and a little fruit for breakfast, grilled sandwiches for lunch, and foil wrapped baked potatoes, grilled veggies, and marinated pork chops for dinner!  I better bring a camp dutch oven with me too...

Only two weeks to go.  I can't wait!